Night burglaries on the rise

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burglarThere is a rise in the number of break-ins happening while the owners are in the house. Night is a particularly vulnerable time for homes and families but many of us still do not set our alarms before going to bed.

Here are a few easy ways to protect your home and family at night:

  1. Always set your house alarm – a house alarm is the best ways to keep burglars at bay but it only works if you have activated it!
  2. Check doors and windows – have a regular routine of checking doors and windows before bed.
  3. Put keys away safely – don’t leave your keys in a prominent position near the front door.
  4. Hide valuables – wallets, purses and expensive goods such as jewellery and laptops should be stowed out of sight. Don’t entice a would-be burglar towards your home.
  5. Exterior lights – leave on security lights at vulnerable places in your property such as the back porch or areas hidden from sight.

If you don’t have a house alarm contact Mac Alarms on 045-441479 for a free no-commitment quote or get an Online Quote in seconds.

Dangers of Unlicensed Installers!

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warningIt is really important that you have your burglar alarm installed by a fully licensed installer and all licenses are granted by the Private Security Authority (read our article “PSA and how it affects you” ).

Why is it important to use a licensed installer?

QUALITY – an unlicensed installer may install sub-standard equipment in your home and there are no guarantees that this equipment is fit for the purpose of protecting your home or premises. Licensed installers must comply with the standards set out by the PSA for high quality alarm systems.

SECURITY – the PSA require a Garda Vetting form from all individuals applying for licenses. This ensures that licensed installers are in good standing with the law and they are obliged to disclose any criminal offences. You do not have this reassurance when dealing with an unlicensed individual.

COMPLAINTS – if you have any issues with the standard of service provided by an unlicensed installer there is very little you can do. If you use a licensed installer you can report any issues or complaints to the PSA and they will investigate the services provided by the installer. The PSA may revoke an installer’s license if standards are not adhered to so it is in the installer’s interest to do a good job and ensure you, the customer, is happy with the standard of work.

PROSECUTION – if you employ an unlicensed alarm installer you are breaking the law! Penalties range from a €3,000 fine up to 5 years imprisonment.

As you can see there are many very good reasons to use a licensed alarm installer for your home security systems. Talk to Mac Alarms Ltd today about a burglar alarm on 045-441479 – we are fully PSA licensed (Licence Number 00491).

Tips for Securing your Home

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This article provides advice on how to secure your home against burglars. By taking some basic precautions you can reduce the risk of burglary and theft on your premises.

  1. Locks – ensure all external doors are fitted with high quality locks.  Poor quality locks can allow intruders easy access to your property and are a feature often overlooked in home security.
  2. Certified Alarm System – have a certified alarm system installed by a licensed alarm installer (Mac Alarms Ltd are fully licensed by the Private Security Authority)
  3. Security Lighting – install security lighting on your premises. Intruders typically use the cover of darkness when trying to gain access to your property. Proper security lighting will help prevent this.
  4. CCTV – install CCTV cameras to the front and rear of your property. This provides you with better visibility into these areas of your home and acts as an instant deterrant to criminals.

We hope you found these tips useful – remember that prevention is always best when it comes to home security. Taking the simple measures outlined above can prevent you experiencing the trauma of a burglary and the loss of your family’s previous possessions.

Get a House Alarm

If you don’t already have a house alarm installed contact MacAlarms Ltd today on 045-441479 or get a no-commitment Online Quote. We can install or supply you with a burglar alarm, CCTV cameras and security lighting to protect your home.

Reasons to Install a Home Security Alarm/CCTV!!!

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Whether you live alone or you live with a family of children and elderly, there are many reasons as to why you should install a home security camera. With the rise in home burglary each year, it is important to keep your family protected. Statistics show that burglary accounts for over 20% of property crimes in recent years. Of all burglaries, an estimate of 61% involved forcible entry, 32% were unlawful entries without force and the remaining 7% were from forcible entry attempts. Statistics also show that over 63% of residential burglaries occurred during the day time, when most people were not in the house.

2011 report reveals November is the most burgled month of the year.
November 2nd 2011: Burglaries in Ireland have increased by 4.12% in the twelve months between July 2010 and June 2011, according to the latest figures published in  2011 Burglary Report*. Dublin continues to top Ireland’s burglary table, with burglaries increasing 13% this year and accounting for 42% of burglaries nationwide. When this figure is combined with the surrounding commuter belt (Wicklow, Kildare, Meath and Louth) it climbs to 63% of all burglaries nationwide.
Worryingly, the 2011 report revealed that November is the most likely month of the year for burglaries to occur, which indicates that home owners should remain security aware as we move into the winter months. The 2011 report also reinforces previous findings as once again it determined that burglars no longer strike solely under the cover of darkness. For the fifth year in a row, the most likely time of day to be burgled is between 12pm and 4pm (23%).

This stresses the importance of installing a home security camera. Many cameras offer the ability to watch a video camera online accessible from any location with internet. This helps you to feel safer about your home and more alert should anything happen. By installing a home security camera, you are able to report home burglaries with proof to your nearest police station facilitating the process in finding the robber. You are not only doing yourself a favour, but probably those homes in your area that have been robbed as well. Home burglaries usually occur in a chain and by having a home security camera, you have a higher chance in finding the person who committed the crime.

One-third of burglars force entry through a window or door

Outside Dublin, the most targeted counties were Kildare (7.9%), Wicklow (4.9%), Meath (4.2%) and Cork (4%).

  • For nine of the past eleven years semi-detached homes represent the most targeted type of dwelling (21%)
  • Thursday, which accounts for 16.5% of all burglaries in 2011 is the most targeted day of week
  • For the fifth year in a row, three bedroom homes remain the most targeted (43.73%)
  • 74% of homes burgled did not have a monitored alarm in place – further highlighting the need for homeowners with no household security to be more diligent!

Private Security Authority (PSA) and how it affects you

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The Private Security Authority was established after the Private Security Services Act 2004 and is responsible for licensing and regulating the private security industry in Ireland.

PSA Logo

PSA Regulations
It is a criminal offence for anyone to practice in the private security industry in Ireland without a licence from the PSA – this includes security guards, door supervisors, suppliers and installers of security equipment, private investigators, security consultants, cash in transit, locksmiths and suppliers and installers of safes. This is intended to protect individuals and businesses from the potential security threats that can occur without licensing.

What does this mean for you?
The PSA carefully vet all applicants for licences including checking their current Tax Clearance status, Garda Vetting, Criminal Record and proof of attaining the relevant standards for their work e.g. Standard(EN50131) for Intruder Alarms.

When you contract a PSA Licensed Installer you know that their work and their personal background have been thoroughly checked. This is very reassuring when letting an individual or company work on something as sensitive as your home or business security system.

Important! If you hire an unlicensed provider YOU are breaking the law too! There are severe penalties including fines of €3,000 up to 5 years imprisonment.

Download the PSA Flyer for Alarm Installer Clients


MAC ALARMS are PSA Licensed Installer (Licence Number: 00491). Contact us today to discuss your home or business security requirements – call (045)441479 or email