Tips for Securing your Home

This article provides advice on how to secure your home against burglars. By taking some basic precautions you can reduce the risk of burglary and theft on your premises.

  1. Locks – ensure all external doors are fitted with high quality locks.  Poor quality locks can allow intruders easy access to your property and are a feature often overlooked in home security.
  2. Certified Alarm System – have a certified alarm system installed by a licensed alarm installer (Mac Alarms Ltd are fully licensed by the Private Security Authority)
  3. Security Lighting – install security lighting on your premises. Intruders typically use the cover of darkness when trying to gain access to your property. Proper security lighting will help prevent this.
  4. CCTV – install CCTV cameras to the front and rear of your property. This provides you with better visibility into these areas of your home and acts as an instant deterrant to criminals.

We hope you found these tips useful – remember that prevention is always best when it comes to home security. Taking the simple measures outlined above can prevent you experiencing the trauma of a burglary and the loss of your family’s previous possessions.

Get a House Alarm

If you don’t already have a house alarm installed contact MacAlarms Ltd today on 045-441479 or get a no-commitment Online Quote. We can install or supply you with a burglar alarm, CCTV cameras and security lighting to protect your home.