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Access Control

An Access Control system provides a means to restrict access to sensitive areas of your premises and record who has visited these areas. There are a number of different solutions available to provide an access control solution. Mac Alarms Ltd works closely with each client to determine the right solution and the appropriate technology for their specific access control needs.


Types of Access Control

  • Keypads – restrict access using a numeric code as a password.
  • Card swipes and fobs – use a magnetic swipe card or key fob to provide access to restricted areas.
  • Biometrics – biometrics resolve the issues of forgotten codes and lost fobs/swipe cards. Access is gained using fingerprint authentication.

Recording Access

Access control solutions also record which individuals access certain areas of your premises and logs the date and time of their movements. This provides an extra level of security for your premises. The software used to monitor access is user-friendly and runs on a typical PC.

See the list to the right for details of some of our most popular access control products.

Professional Guidance

Always seek expert advice when installing an access control system. Weak points in an access control system, such as a poor choice of locks, can cause endless trouble and frustration to the system owner. Integrating your access control with a CCTV and Intruder Alarm system provides the optimal security solution for your premises.